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We can handle your eDiscovery.


Paper Services

Collection and Preservation

Gathering of relevant documents are crucial for building a strong case, complying with legal requirements, and ensuring a fair and transparent legal proceeding.

Physical document collection

Legal professionals, such as attorneys or litigation support teams, identify and collect documents that are pertinent to a legal case or matter. This may include contracts, emails, financial records, communication transcripts, and any other materials relevant to the legal proceedings.

Document Scanning

Digitizing documents for litigation not only streamlines document management but also enhances collaboration, searchability, and overall efficiency throughout the legal process. It is a critical step in modern legal practices, particularly in the context of electronic discovery (e-discovery).

Bibliographic Indexing

Bibliographic indexing plays a crucial role by providing a structured and standardized way to organize, catalog, and retrieve legal information. It contributes to the efficiency of legal research, helps build stronger legal arguments, and ensures that legal professionals can access the information they need effectively.

Bookmarking and Hyperlinking

Organize lengthy legal documents and facilitate quick access to cited cases, statutes, or legal commentary, streamlining the process of verifying sources and building arguments.



Processing, Review, and Analysis

Efficiently processing, reviewing, and analyzing electronically stored information (ESI) streamlines data, providing actionable insights and a comprehensive understanding for informed legal decision-making.

Users can quickly retrieve specific pieces of information, and data analysis tools can efficiently process and interpret the data.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Convert scanned images into editable and searchable text, unlocking the potential for efficient data extraction, searchability, and content editing from your digitized documents.

Email Threading

Simplify email analysis and organization by grouping related messages into threads, providing a comprehensive view of email conversations and improving overall email management efficiency.


Streamline your digital collection by identifying and eliminating duplicate documents, optimizing storage space, enhancing data integrity, and improving overall document management efficiency.

Workflow Automation

Boost productivity and reduce manual tasks by automating document-related workflows, ensuring seamless and efficient processes for tasks such as approvals, reviews, and document routing.

Near-dupe Organization

Enhance document categorization and organization by identifying and grouping near-duplicate files, ensuring a more refined and structured approach to your digital data.

File Output

Facilitate seamless document sharing and distribution by converting digital files into various output formats, including printing, to meet diverse business needs and communication requirements.



Production and Presentation

Turn your data into exhibits. We can enhance your proceedings with in-house, high-quality print capabilities.

Create displays of produced evidence for legal proceedings, such as trials, hearings, or negotiations.

Digital Blowbacks

This can include documents, emails, images, and other electronic files that are part of the case. Digital blowbacks are often delivered in a secure and organized manner to ensure the integrity of the evidence.

Trial Deposition Binders

These binders typically include transcripts, exhibits, and other relevant information from depositions. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and accessible resource for attorneys and the court during the trial.

Trial exhibit boards

These can include charts, graphs, images, or other visual representations of the evidence. The electronic format allows for dynamic presentations, and it ensures that the visual aids are aligned with the digital nature of modern legal proceedings.



All your structured data in the cloud, when your need it.
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